Our Products

Fresh Chestnuts

We collect, select and calibrate chestnuts from the best local producers on a daily basis. Available in different calibers and in conventional or certified organic format.


Dried Chestnuts

We apply a combustion drying process to our chestnuts, shell them and then select them through technologically advanced machinery and specialized personnel.  Available in conventional or certified organic format.


Chestnut’s flour 

Our flour is obtained by grinding the best quality controlled chestnuts, naturally dried. Available in packs of 0.5/2.5/5/25 kg, in conventional or certified organic format.
Our company has an annual production capacity of more than 100 tons of chestnut flour.


Chestnut’s grain

Our grain is obtained by crushing high quality dried chestnuts into small parts. Available in packs of 0.5/2.5/5/25 kg, in 1/3 mm or 2/4 mm gauges, in conventional or certified organic format.



Small sized lentils, naturally dried and carefully selected from the best local producers. Our lentils stand out for their freshness and superior quality. They are characterized by a bright color and a tender texture that melts in the mouth. Each lentil is a small treasure trove of nutrients, rich in fibre, vegetable proteins and important vitamins and minerals.



Small sized chickpeas from the Calabrian countryside, naturally dried and carefully selected. Our chickpeas stand out for their freshness and authentic taste. With their distinctive color and round shape, they are a concentrated source of nutrition. They are rich in fiber, vegetable protein, iron and other important nutrients, making a significant contribution to a balanced diet.
Available in 1/5/25 kg format.


Chickpea Flour

Our chickpea flour is produced with care and dedication using only the best selected chickpeas. Every step of the manufacturing process is controlled to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Our chickpeas are ground into a very fine powder which is perfect for a wide range of culinary preparations.


Corn Flour

Our corn flour is the result of a careful and accurate grinding. We only use the best corn, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Our manufacturing process is driven by passion and dedication, ensuring a finely ground cornmeal that is ready to elevate your culinary concoctions.