Who we are

From left to right: Pasquale jr., Pasquale sr. e Domenico


Our story begins back in 1915, in Calabria, Italy, with Domenico, the progenitor of our family, who began working in the world of chestnuts, and has been going on for 4 generations. The company Diletto Pasquale & C. sas, currently operating, was instead founded in 1989, thanks to the resourcefulness and perseverance of Pasquale Diletto, who brings the extra step necessary to the company in order to “grow up”. He was born in 1936 in Cutro, and from a very young age he began to work in the world of chestnuts, thanks to his father in the company, operating mostly in the trade of fresh chestnuts, later specializing however in the production, processing and marketing of fresh, dried chestnuts. chestnut grain and flour. For reasons that we are not here to explain, he learned that Italian chestnuts were appreciated and consequently exported to distant Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, Canada, France, Holland, Turkey and Spain. This news intrigued him so much that he immediately tried to find out who these entrepreneurs were and why they imported our chestnuts in such large quantities into their countries. Luck meant that he managed to get useful contacts and so, without thinking twice, he bought the ticket for Singapore on March 12, 1985 and I left bringing with him a small Italian / English pocket dictionary, to be able to communicate, and a great desire not to return empty-handed … and so it was! After some time he also began to export chestnuts and derivatives


Pasquale’s Passport for the trip to Singapore.

His stubbornness and the desire to do something important for himself and his family did not stop him, however, and so on 12 June 1998 another plane took him to distant Asia, more precisely to Malaysia, Japan and China.

Since then our company has exported to these countries, with success and great satisfaction on our part, both for the goals achieved but also because the name of our land and the goodness of our products goes far. We buy fresh chestnuts from the best producers and, after having carefully selected them for quality and calibration, with a long and sometimes manual process, we dry them and pack them in Discobulus branded bags of 5 or 25 kg, ready to be shipped in the quantity requested by the our buyers.

As often happens, the passion and ambition for one’s work are handed down from father to son, as family traditions or as attitudes written in the genes. This is the case of our company, passed from Mr. Pasquale Diletto (born in 1936) to Mr. Domenico and Mr. Vito, who inheriting the dedication and spirit of their father, carry on and realize with their entrepreneurial and far-sighted gaze an already successful company that consolidates its identity and image as a professional and established company and that is why with great attachment at work, the company goes on and once again the generational change increases its professionalism with the appointment as administrator of the young Pasquale Diletto, son of Domenico, graduating in economics and adored grandson of the founding grandfather.